Welcome to Notting Hill Coffee.  WE ARE STILL SHIPPING COFFEE

            These are interesting days.  Lewes Bake Shoppe and Notting Hill Coffee Roastery remains OPEN.  We are healthy and hopeful.  We have become, for now, a Grab and Go/carry out business.  We have also maintained our coffee mail order business.   This little mailing sideline I started for fun many years ago is now what is helping sustain us.  I have yet to lay anyone off and will keep my staff working, until I can’t or am not allowed too.  My staff has chosen to stay and work and I am grateful.  You are still supporting us with your coffee purchases and we are grateful. 

            Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 

PS If it helps I'm starting to put PASTRY on line, so you can pre-order for local pick up at the shop.  Please give us at least 24 hours notice, as I have to make the pastry.  xxoo


Stuart and I sing for the Rehoboth Writer's Guild.  Check it out if a good laugh is what you need:  




We really wish you could tell how good all our fresh roasted coffee smells through your computer screen. We'll see what we can do about that. While we work on that, browse our catalog, create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.

Thank you for visiting.