Brazilian Dattera Reserve  (Espresso Yellow)

Brazilian Dattera Reserve  (Espresso Yellow)

Dattera (Fair Trade, Organic, Utz Kapeh, Rainforest Alliance and 4C -  The Common Code for the Coffee Community - certified) is a blend of Sweet Yellow Bourbon and Reserve.  These beans, when combined and roasted in the full, deep, Northern Italian style, produce a sweet rich espresso with bing cherry/almond-almost marzipan notes.  Daterra is a thicker bodied coffee - PERFECT FOR ESPRESSO!  The floral-type fragrance and lively sweet elegant hints of clean fruit, chocolate, nuts and hints of vanilla makes this blend of beans truly a work of art. 

Daterra's uniqueness lies not only in its environmental philosophy:  protection of wildlife, water resources and native forests, but also in its social responsibility, promoting labor rights.  Daterra's program for Environment and Wild Animal Preservation is certified by FOUR international organizations, crowning the efforts of an 18-year project to establish Daterra as a fully sustainable coffee producer

I have not really been a fan of Brazilian coffee until now.  This is, in my estimation, one of the truly brilliant green blends to create an espresso.  I use it in the shop everyday now and love it.  It is a masterpiece. 

Our Dattera was featured in Coastal Style Magazine, May 2007

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Brazilian Dattera Reserve (Espresso Yellow)

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