Caribbean Blue
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DESCRIPTION:  LIGHT ROAST!  Arabica, Organic, dried and sorted in Haiti.  Ancestor to Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, as well as an ancient Ethiopian strain that is almost extinct.

Extremely low acidity allows for a very full mouth and velvety smoothness, despite the lightness in roast.  It is sweet and nutty with a clean finish.  This is a lot of flavor in a distinctly light colored, non-oily coffee. 

THE COMMITMENT:   Two young men went to Haiti with a dream to grow this rare coffee bean and use it to create a sustainable economy in poverty stricken communities. After the farms became certified organic, they began paying over 250% higher wages than Fair Trade. This Direct Trade business model provides the Haitian farmers an opportunity to live a life of dignity, providing for their families, and paying for their children’s education. We hope you enjoy this elegant coffee as you help to alleviate poverty in Haiti, one cup at a time.


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Caribbean Blue

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