Dominican Republic Now Direct Trade

Dominican Republic - NOW Direct Trade.   A true Caribbean Island coffee, with creamy, uncomplicated flavors, that can stand alone.  Smooth, bright, aromatic, good body and Certified NOP (National Organic Program)     

Barahona is a province, and the market name, for coffee from the southwest of the Dominican Republic, right on the Caribbean Sea. The coffee is grown 1000 and 1350 meters up, under many layers of shade and canopy. Volcanic activity created the islands; hence the soil is divine for coffee growing. Constant rainfall, and warm winds and ocean currents allow for a very long growing season.   It’s a quality coffee.  Barahona is considered by many to be the best Dominican coffee. Imbibing multiple cups of this creamy, even somewhat chocolaty toned delight won’t be a problem. It is not a highly caffeinated or acidic coffee. I like it as a more medium than medium dark roast, however I'm still playing around. Dog Fish Head Brewery just bought some for a fun, in-house beer that they were brewing and we roasted it dark for them.  

FYI:  For anyone that roasts their own coffee, it acts just like Jamaican Blue Mountain, so you have to watch it at the end of the process. It develops quickly.   


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Dominican Republic Now Direct Trade

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