Maui– Yellow Caturra
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Maui– Yellow Caturra

Grown in nutrient- rich volcanic soil, these plentiful cherries are yellow instead of the typical red when they are ripe and ready to pick off the tree - hence the name.

With subdued acidity -less than other Hawaiian coffees- Maui Yellow Caturra coffee is smooth. Connoisseurs agree, it is a clean cup that yields flavors of sweet fruit, honey wheat and mild chocolate. A slight undertone of cinnamon and allspice can be dedicated, even more so as the cup cools. Underlying these notes is that marvelous and recognizable Hawaiian island foundation – smooth as velvet, mild chocolates in perfect balance with soft fruits and a heady aroma.  

My personal observation about island coffees is that generally they suggest a roundness, but more so a creaminess that enhances the already inherent flavors of the coffee.  Most importantly, drinking coffee from any island should take you back to a tropical, balmy paradise…even if you’re swinging in the hammock in your own back yard.    It’s a simple, special, affordable pleasure…indulge

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Maui– Yellow Caturra

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