Nicaraguan Harmony Direct Trade
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Nicaraguan Harmony

Direct Trade – Light Roast – Flavorful

A millennial favorite!



Not strictly north west in Tuma La Dalia, Matagalpa, Nicaragua lies the plantation of Los Milagros.  In the humid, tropical climate Farmer Monico Rivas hand picks this 100% Organic, Shade Grown, Direct Trade coffee.   From the sustainably-maintained volcanic rich soil, comes a clean and balanced coffee with a caramel aroma and hints of stone fruits, sweet almonds and bittersweet chocolate.  The lightness of the roast results in a better definition of each flavor as it moves through your mouth.   This tasty Direct Trade gem has the added bonus of fairness to the growers and ecologically harmony.  Enjoy this light bean Amy dubs:  Nicaraguan Harmony

Millennials are aware of environmental and social sustainability when making purchases.  They typically enjoy light to medium roasted coffees rather then darker coffees.  Nicaraguan Harmony is ecologically and ethically grown and sourced and is a very light roast.   I think Generation Y will especially love this coffee.   



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Nicaraguan Harmony Direct Trade

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