Vanilla Dream®
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Vanilla Dream®  

Amy's opposite of hot cocoa's "Sweeter Little Sister". Fat free, caffeine free, gluten free, guilt free, and broccoli free. Professionally blended and canned by hand in a Kosher environment.                            

Once upon a time, there was a roaster of heavenly custom flavored coffees who was also a baker of divine gourmet pastries. People came from far and wide to sample her luscious creations. She delighted in their enthusiastic support.
This industrious diva was inspired with a brilliant idea... one that could redefine how the people of her land would think of hot beverages. After many moons, from her kitchen did emergethis decidedly different elixir.

"I will call it Vanilla Dream®!" she declared.

And the people of the land rejoiced.

12 ounces 



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Vanilla Dream®

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